Thursday, November 21, 2019

Divorce in popular culture and Its relationship to the American Essay

Divorce in popular culture and Its relationship to the American culture,beliefs and attitude - Essay Example Despite the growing trend of marital disruption in the United States and how its romantic plot remains to be an accepted theme in the popular culture, it is often the case that the destructive nature of divorce is overlooked especially when its negative consequences on the society, family, man, woman and child are not taken into consideration. Divorce has been an existing theme of popular culture over the years. In 1938, a British comedy romantic comedy movie â€Å"The Divorce of Lady X† was released. From the title itself, the film had a main theme of marital disruption. Even up to now, after several decades have already passed, such theme is very much alive like the American romantic comedy film â€Å"Le Divorce† which was made available to the public on 20 Meanwhile, even when bound with marriage, having sexual affairs in both men and women can be observed as a common plot in some popular culture. Both films illustrate the romance that can be found in infidelity in g eneral, not only unfaithfulness within marriage. Likewise, the fun, thrill and excitement in such affairs of this sort are present. Nonetheless, pleasure is not always the side of every story for the reason that despondency can be found on the parts of those people who have been affected and hurt by such relationships. Without a doubt, those people who are hurt in the cases of divorce are often not taken into consideration. ... Divorce in Popular Culture and Its Relationship to the American Culture, Beliefs and Attitude According to Stevenson and Wolfers (27), the family as an institution is not stable. This reality is reflected by the artifacts of popular culture as well as different studies on divorce which have a wide array of scopes. As a matter of fact, Chandra, Martinez, Mosher, Abma,  and Jones (17 and 90) claimed in 2002 that within a span of 10 years, there are about 29 percent of first marriages among 15 – 44 year old women that used to end their union through separation, annulment or even divorce. In the analysis of how the artifacts of popular culture speak about the American culture, beliefs and attitudes, I have evaluated divorce as the subject matter. In this sense, I have assessed two films coming from different eras. I have first assessed â€Å"The Divorce of Lady X† which was released in the year 1938 as well as the other film, â€Å"Le Divorce† which was released in 2003. Aside from the fact that it talks about divorce, for me, their point of convergence is that both have promoted the romance in extra – marital affairs as if there are no other people to be affected in set up of this sort. The way I look at it, this is most especially true for â€Å"The Divorce of Lady X† because the marital disruption issue including infidelity is managed in a way of comedy. In the first movie, both husband, Everard Logan, and wife, Lady Meere, have cheated on each other but the story has managed to end up happily through remarriage to other partner. Meanwhile, â€Å"Le Divorce† has more heart – breaking aspects in a sense that Roxy, a pregnant wife, was cheated by her husband and was asked by her husband to end their marriage even if they have kids to consider. Her husband

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