Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Assignement Essay Example

Assignement Essay Example Assignement Essay Assignement Essay How do the origins of the words manager and management relate to what we know about managers and management today? Management is the process of getting things done effectively and efficiently, with and through other people. It relates to what managers and management of today by four function; Planning, leading, organizing and controlling. Managers coordinates staffs with above four function to accomplish a goal / idea. 2) What kind of workplace do you think Taylor would create? I believe that Taylor would create a workplace that have less error made, very efficient and have high product delivery. With the theory of placing correct staff at correct position It will dramatically Increase the flow of product delivery and also because of the effectiveness of the right skill worker for each station, It will decrease the chance of error and creating a better product. 3) How have Taylor views contributed to how management Is practiced today? Tailors view contributed management practiced today by formulated an equation that will fit different types of business where they can able to run more effectively and efficiently. Could scientific management principles help you be more efficient? Choose a task you regularly (such as laundry, grocery shopping, studying for exams, etc. ) Analyze it by writing down the steps involved in completing that task. See if there are activities that could be combined or eliminated. Think the one best way to do this task. And the next time you have to do this task, try the scientifically managed way! See if you become more efficient, keeping in mind that ch anging habits isnt easy to do. Yes, for example grocery shopping, my usual practice is to walk to each aisle where I think it will shelf the product I would want to buy and end up spending couple hours without buying anything that I actually need. If I follow the scientific management principle, I will create a shopping list first, then categorize different product from the shopping list. Then when I arrived at a grocery shop, I can able to pin point which aisle I need to visit and grab the products that I actually need and leave the grocery shop with ease.

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