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Essay On Hassan As An Archetype - 1014 Words

The use of Archetypes in literature is highly prevalent. A common archetype is the saviour archetype, also known as the messianic or Christ-like figure. Usually the protagonist, the Christ-like figure exhibits qualities that parallel that of the biblical Jesus, through characterization, and symbolic actions. There are a few common traits exhibited by this character, including, but not limited to, being self-sacrificing and loyal, manifestations of divine qualities, displaying kindness or forgiveness. With the advent of postmodern literature, authors tend to avoid the theme of resurrection, but rather focus on a symbolic martyr; sacrificing himself for the greater good. Authors frequently and consistently make use of this archetypal figure†¦show more content†¦The novel The Kite Runner is a work of art, worthy of investigation and analysis, not only due to the use of the archetypal savior figure in advising the theme of the novel, but also due to the interesting literary tech niques employed by Hosseini, in developing this archetypal figure. The research question allows me to have a greater understanding of the conventional archetypal characters, which opens me up to a new perspective and lens, when viewing all forms of literature. Hosseini incorporation of cultural conventions and hierarchy introduces the complex relationship between Hassan and Amir. Hassan was a member of the Hazara caste; a historically socially, politically and economically oppressed group. In contrast, Amir was a Pashtun, a historically dominant, richer and overall higher caste. The conflict between Hazaras and Pashtuns stems from a difference in religious beliefs. The Hazaras were Shi’a Muslims, whereas Pashtuns were Sunni Muslims. Their conflict regarding the successor to Prophet Muhammed, translated into social, and economic oppression and persecution. â€Å"Throughout Afghan History, the Pashtuns [held] the highest influential rank above other ethnic groups, specifically the Hazaras†. Hosseini directly infuses this historical context into the text when Amir found a history book, wherein he learned that â€Å"†¦the Pashtuns†¦had persecuted and oppressed the

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Essay on Early American History and Traditions of Excellence

In 1607, the first colonists came to settle America and founded Jamestown Virginia. Hoping to escape religious persecution, the Puritans followed in 1620 after trekking across the Atlantic Ocean in the Mayflower. The first winter faced the homeless and foodless Puritans with brutal conditions. After only being there for eight months, half of the original group died, leaving them with only four women. Following the first harvest, those still alive celebrated their well being with the first Thanksgiving. From 1630 to 1647, more Puritans came over and settled in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. At the same time relationship tensions with the neighboring Native Americans became heightened (Campbell, 2011, para. 5). By 1636, the first war against†¦show more content†¦By 1738, the Puritan religion began to decline. Increasingly more people drifted away from the church, or did not attend at all. Even more only went through the motions instead of having a true relationship with the Lo rd. This started a religious revival, known as the Great Awaking, which swept through the colonies. Hoping to promote this, priests delivered sermons encouraging the congregation to devote their life to Christ. One man known for his particularly fiery sermons was Jonathan Edwards (Campbell, 2007, para. 8). Despite all efforts, the Great Awakening failed and within a few decades the Puritan religion vanished completely. In the years following the Great Awakening, the mainstream of the French and Indian battles began. At the time, a massive conflict known as the Seven Years War was occurring in Europe. The French and Indian wars were a part of this bigger war. While the treaty of Paris ended this war in Great Britain’s favor in 1763, it was only the beginning of hostilities between the colonists and Great Britain. Great Britain used their newfound control over America to their advantage. Wishing to alleviate the massive debt Great Britain encountered after the Seven Years War, the King, King George III, taxed the colonists. This angered the colonists, as they did not have any representation in the British parliament. America declared themselves free in the Declaration of Independence in 1776 and the Revolutionary War officially broke out in 1779.Show MoreRelatedThe Negro Digs Up His Past1700 Words   |  7 Pagesthe Past? This article â€Å"The Negro Digs Up His Past’’ by Arthur schomburg on 1925, elaborates more on the struggles of slavery as well as how history tend to be in great need of restoration through mindfully exploring on the past. The article, however started with an interesting sentence which caught my attention, especially when the writer says ‘’The American Negro must remark his past in order to make his future’’ (670). This statement according the writer, explains how slavery took away the greatRead MoreThe 7 Ten Empire : The Global Expansion Essay958 Words   |  4 PagesThe 7-Eleven Empire: The Global Expansion Introduction History The evolution of an empire in the coming years. As the coming was emerging in early 1927, when there were General stores or street vendors. The first store was established from an ice factory called Southland Ice by an employee named John Jefferson Green. John decided to sell some quick assessable items like bread, eggs, and milk in the location in Dallas, Texas. In 1946, Tote’m store change the empire to global industry revamping theRead MoreWomen in Psychology - Margaret Washburn1458 Words   |  6 PagesWomen in Psychology – Margaret Floy Washburn PSY/310 May 23, 2011 Women in Psychology Margaret Floy Washburn was an accomplished and highly-recognized woman within the field of psychology in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Her interests were equally divided between science and philosophy and thus, Washburn made the decision â€Å"†¦to pursue â€Å"the wonderful new science of experimental psychology†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Goodwin, 2008, pg. 200, para. 2). Under the tutelage of E. B. Titchener, a British psychologistRead MoreThe Mount Sinai Hospital Ecosystem1466 Words   |  6 Pagescomprised of 45 beds. At its inception, the hospital was named the Jews’ Hospital. â€Å"Although the hospital was a sectarian institution, the Jews Hospital accepted emergency patients of any religious affiliation† (Mount Sinai Hospital). During the early years, the hospital relied on donations and help from the government to fund its operations. The social event the drastically shaped the future, and was a catalyst for the expansion of the hospital was the Civ il War, fought 1861-1865. In additionRead MoreSocial Construction Theory Of The National Football League1403 Words   |  6 PagesRecently, an increasing number of African American football players have been leaving their respective colleges with years of eligibility left, to pursue a dream of playing in the National Football League. This year alone, 101 athletes will be forgoing their remaining years of college eligibility to enter the NFL draft. Thus representing a staggering increase from the 40 early entrants in 2007 (Heitner). This decision seems deceptive, in that it appears explicitly based on utility maximization andRead MoreThe Disintegration Of Blacks Own Beliefs And Cultures1468 Words   |  6 Pagesand cultures are due to the lack of Black history in schools. The repeated exposure of Black history pressures schools to incorporate more material about black people in their libraries and classrooms in order to coincide with what is being taught. Black emphasis on its concepts eventually urges sc hools in â€Å" reinforcing the concept that all cultures must be respected and appreciated for their cultural attributions to America as well as to World History†(Hale 269). This will provoke Blacks to haveRead MoreThe Negro Digs Up His Past By Arthur Schomburg1549 Words   |  7 Pages The article â€Å"The Negro Digs Up His Past’’ by Arthur schomburg on 1925, elaborates more on the struggles of slavery as well as how history tend to be in great need of restoration through mindfully exploring on the past. The article, however started with an interesting sentence which caught my attention, especially when the writer says ‘’The American Negro must remark his past in order to make his future’’ (670). This statement according the writer, explains how slavery took away the great deal freedomRead MoreKing Of Jazz : Louis Armstrong1617 Words   |  7 PagesKang Sun *20355591 Clint Rohr Jazz History 30 March. 2015 King of Jazz - Louis Armstrong At the mention jazz music, that person will first think of is likely to be a great figure with a clown image, nicknamed Satchmo. The man was Louis Armstrong. He is a husky singer, often with a trumpet in his hand. He played dramatic works of simple structure in Orleans jazz style and with the accompaniment of Dick jazz music. Each of the books on jazz music will mention his name. Louis Armstrong was to jazzRead MoreKing Of Jazz : Louis Armstrong1617 Words   |  7 PagesKang Sun *20355591 Clint Rohr Jazz History 30 March. 2015 King of Jazz - Louis Armstrong At the mention jazz music, that person will first think of is likely to be a great figure with a clown image, nicknamed Satchmo. The man was Louis Armstrong. He is a husky singer, often with a trumpet in his hand. He played dramatic works of simple structure in Orleans jazz style and with the accompaniment of Dick jazz music. Each of the books on jazz music will mention his name. Louis Armstrong was to jazzRead MoreNontraditional Casting944 Words   |  4 PagesHollywood looks for actors that fit the physical and talent description directors are looking for. Hollywood work with what they only have, not based on color. Hollywood actually takes advantage of the multicultural world. If they need an African American, American Asian, Indian, Mexican actor they’ll scout out for the ones they desire. It’s true that majority of movies and TV shows are Caucasian actors, that is only because this is America. If we were to go to Mexico, majority actors on movies and TV

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Planning a Birthday Free Essays

Planning a birthday party may seem like a simple project, but it may be difficult and require a lot of work. In order to plan a successful party, you need to have excellent organizational skills, find a good location, secure a sufficient budget and have plenty volunteers. Beginning the process, you will need to have excellent organizational skills. We will write a custom essay sample on Planning a Birthday or any similar topic only for you Order Now This comes in handy as you figure out a list of people to invite including, family relatives, friends, and co-workers. You may fill out invitation cards and get them in the mail at least one week before the party. You need to give the guests enough time to R. S. V. P, so you will know how many people will be attending the birthday party. If you have the party at your house you will need to invite your neighbors. Having a party at your home sometimes comes with a lot of noise, your guests may park their cars by your neighbor’s house and you don’t want to trouble your neighbors. After you know how many people will be joining the birthday party, you need to start compiling a list of food, alcohol beverages, soft drinks, and party supplies such as paper plates, plastic forks, cups, napkins, decoration, games and possibly entertainment. Next choose an appropriate location to have your event. Possible places are: restaurants, clubs, hotel suites, ballrooms or your house. Let’s say you decide to have a party at your house. You have an advantage because you do not necessarily have to hire a catering company. Instead you can show off your cooking skills, and impress your guests. Another reason is that most of your guest already knows your home location and it will be easy for your guest to find the birthday party. Also having a party at your home will save some budget as compared to renting a place. If you decide host a party at some type of venue then more goes into preparing your party. For example, you choose your house as the place for the party. On the other hand, if you have a good budget and your home cannot fit a lot of guests, then you probably need to rent a place such as a hall. Final step, you will need to have a budget. One of the worst things that could happen is you plan everything and realize you do not have enough money. A good budget will help you watch your expenses. For example, if your budget is $1,000. 00 dollars for a birthday party, you can spend $600. 00 on food, drinks, and supplies and $300. 00 for hiring a DJ and $100. 00 for decorations. In conclusion throwing birthday parties take lots of planning and time management. How to cite Planning a Birthday, Essay examples

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Human Resource Management Organisational Process

Question: Describe about the Human Resource Management for Organisational Process. Answer: Introduction Organizational changes can be deemed as a major part of the progress of an organization. A span of time may arise when the need to restructure or reorganize becomes eminent. But it is to be duly noted that organizational changes should not be made only for the sake of making them, but taking into account the pros and cons of it, as well as a thorough analysis of how it will impact the organization is to be made before the implementation of these changes. In this report, the researcher discusses the Atlassian organization, which is an Australia-based software firm. The discussion would focus on the changes that this organization has brought about recently and its impact in terms of strategic focus and sustainability. The report also evaluates the success ratio that the implementation of the change has achieved along with the reason behind its implementation. Identification of an organization in Australia that has recently implemented a significant change Atlassian is a software organization, based in Australia which has very recently implemented a significant change in their organization. This significant change proved to be an essential factor in the growth of the organization, and this organizational change was named as performance management overhaul. This organization decided to entirely restructure their performance review system (Lusthaus, 2002). According to the administrative department of the organization, the bi-annual performance review system was not producing the desired results. The system was not suitable for the employees as well as it was largely infrequent, so the system was deemed as incompetent. Adding to these issues, as the employee's bonuses depended on upon the numeric performance ratings; the review system did not prove to be helpful at all as an employee with three rating and another with four rating did not have much difference in performance but their bonuses and payouts varied immensely. As a result of al l these issues, Atlassian changed this review pattern and introduced a brand new review model which comprised of more of a continuous system than a numeric one. The new review process involved performance reviews once in every month instead of a biannual formal review, and the whole process is now carried out in a one on one system involving the manager and an employee (Humphreys Brown, 2002). Fundamental points from the interview with the manager of the organization While preparing this report, the researcher conducted a survey interview with the departmental manager of the Atlassian organization, based in Australia, in order to procure his perspectives about the recently implemented organizational change. The manager was asked questions such as whether he was feeling comfortable with the new changes that were implemented, how did he think that the new changes will affect the organization and its employees, in his opinion what sort of impact the new changes could bring about in this competitive market. The key areas of discussion with the manager are elaborated in this section of the report (Carson, Carson, Fontenot, Burdin, 2005). The manager was primarily of the opinion that he was immensely comfortable with the implementation of the changes in the performance review process in the organization. He stressed that the employees were getting more and more agitated with the old bi-annual performance review system as the system was both incompetent and infrequent. The manager further clarified the fact that the introduction of the new performance management system has rejuvenated the employees of the organization for various reasons, the urge to perform has increased and a sense of healthy competition has developed in the organization as a result (KlovienÄ—, 2012). He was also of the opinion that the new changes will bring about higher rates of productivity from the employees which will, in turn, help the organization to strive in this competitive market. Explanation of the organizations change initiative in terms of strategic focus and competitive sustainability The administrative level management of Atlassian introduced a new less numeric and a more continuous performance review system. This change in the organizations approach brought about a sense of focus among the employees regarding their work and productivity for the organization. In terms of strategic focus, this organizational change ticked every box in a positive sense. As Atlassian did not change a particular aspect of the performance review system but restructured it entirely, it shifted the employee's focus and acted in a way of a support plan (Ravasi Phillips, 2011). Once the employees were comfortable with the more continuous performance review process, the working environment became alter which in turn resulted in a beneficiary way for the organization. In a nutshell, it can be easily stated that the strategy behind implementing the change was proven to be spot on (Lee, Ahn, Park, Park, 2016). As long as competitive sustainability is concerned, this organizational change played an essential part in that as well. Atlassian managed to attract more efficient and talented employees with this new system than the other software firms in Australia, and as a result, the productivity of the organization reached new benchmarks resulting in making Atlassian one of the leading software organizations in this part of the world. Explanation of the reason behind implementation of the change The performance management overhaul was performed by Atlassian in the year 2011. There were various reasons behind taking this huge step by the administrative department of the organization. The foremost reason behind the implementation of this organizational change was the internal observation by the management heads in the organization that the biannual performance reviews were a bit too formal and not so effective (Mazur, 2013). Further, the traditional rating based system was unjust in the viewpoint of the majority of the employees. As the performance review system was biannual, it was deemed as infrequent and was a cause of major concern for the employees. Another fundamental reason for bringing about change in the performance review system was the fact that it created a sense of disarray amongst the employees of the organization (Halachmi, 2002). Based on this review system the employee's bonuses were sanctioned, and as it was a traditionally numeric rating based concept, some of the employees were bound to get lesser payouts than the others, and by a very small margin of difference in performance. This scenario understandably created an undesirable working environment in the firm, and thus the administrative department of the Atlassian organization decided to implement this organizational change in order to get satisfactory results on every front (Schreider Mostovaia, 2001). Evaluation of the success brought about by the change or likelihood of success it is about to bring The introduction of the new performance review system has brought about a considerable amount of success for Atlassian organization, based in Australia. It can be clearly observed that after the year 2011, that is, after the implementation of the above mentioned organizational change, Atlassian went big and went on to be one of the leading software companies in the whole of Australia. Transparency between the employees and the employers became more evident after the implementation of the new performance review system and that helped in the organization's cause in an immense manner (Welch-Devine, 2012). Post implementation of the new performance review system, the performance bonuses were assigned in a justified manner and it pleased the employees of the firm. This scenario also brought the best out of the employees as they knew that their performance is getting noticed and monitored by the top level management and this, in turn, created a healthy competition between them in terms of improvement in performance and enhancement in productivity, in turn benefiting the organization as a whole (Hoontis Kim, 2012). In this way, it could be safely stated that the implementation of the mentioned organizational change has brought about immense success in terms of productivity and performance in the Atlassian organization and it is proven statistically as well, as after 2011 the organizations market took off immensely (Stetler, McQueen, Demakis, Mittman, 2008). Report to the CEO about the implementation of the change In this section of the discussion, the researcher is creating a brief report on the implementation of the change for the CEO of the Atlassian organization, based in Australia. From the thorough assessment of the traditional numeric rating based bi-annual performance review system, it can be observed that the system has proved to be inappropriate as it has failed to deliver the expected results. The employees of the organization were immensely unsatisfied with this system as well. In order to revive this scenario, a more continuous and a less numeric method of a performance review system is required, so that both the employees and the organization can benefit from the new system and the company could reach its desired potential in the near future. Conclusion Implementations of organizational changes are such high stake moves which can easily prove to be a make or break strategy for an organization. It is deemed as utterly necessary for the administrative heads of an organization, to judge the requirements before taking such steps otherwise it may prove to be fatal for the organization itself. This report can be concluded by stating the fact that the Australia-based software organization Atlassian, implemented the organizational change in the correct time using the correct approach and as a result, they have set a new benchmark of success for all the software based organizations in Australia. References Carson, K., Carson, P., Fontenot, G., Burdin, J. (2005). Structured Interview Questions for Selecting Productive, Emotionally Mature, and Helpful Employees.The Health Care Manager,24(3), 209-215. Halachmi, A. (2002). Performance Measurement, Accountability, and Improved Performance.Public Performance Management Review,25(4), 370-374. Hoontis, P. Kim, T. (2012). Antecedents to Municipal Performance Measurement Implementation.Public Performance Management Review,36(1), 158-173. Humphreys, M. Brown, A. (2002). Narratives of Organizational Identity and Identification: A Case Study of Hegemony and Resistance.Organization Studies,23(3), 421-447. KlovienÄ—, L. (2012). PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT SYSTEM COMPATIBILITY WITH BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT.Ecoman,17(2). Lee, S., Ahn, S., Park, C., Park, Y. (2016). Development of a Resource Allocation Model Using Competitive Advantage.Sustainability,8(3), 217. Lusthaus, C. (2002).Organizational assessment. Ottawa: International Development Research Centre. Mazur, K. (2013). Isolating mechanisms as sustainability factors of resource-based competitive advantage.Management,17(2). Ravasi, D. Phillips, N. (2011). Strategies of alignment: Organizational identity management and strategic change at Bang Olufsen.Strategic Organization,9(2), 103-135. Schreider, S. Mostovaia, A. (2001). Model sustainability in DSS design and scenario formulation.Environment International,27(2-3), 97-102. Stetler, C., McQueen, L., Demakis, J., Mittman, B. (2008). An organizational framework and strategic implementation for system-level change to enhance research-based practice: QUERI Series.Implementation Science,3(1). Welch-Devine, M. (2012). Searching for Success: Defining Success in Co-Management.Human Organization,71(4), 358-370.

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Zoroastrians Essays - Zoroastrianism, Monotheistic Religions, Demons

Zoroastrians Zoroastrians believes that Ahura Mazda is the one, good, and eternal god. A constant battle rages between a good and an evil force, and the good is to be worshipped. The term Ahura originally referred to 33 ruling gods in ancient, pre-Zoroastrian religions in Persia and India. Between Ahura Mazda and the humans is by a number of Attributes, called Amesha Spentas or Bounteous Immortals. Within the Gathas, which is the original Zoroastrian sacred text, these Immortals are sometimes described as concepts, and are sometimes personified. Zoroastrianism is based on the classic epic of good versus evil. Ahura Mazda or Ormuzd (the good and wise god) and Angra Mainya or Ahriman (the evil god) are always in conflict, but Ahura Mazda is assured eventual victory. The resulting cosmic conflict involves the entire universe, including humanity who is required to choose which to follow. Man was created by Ahura Mazda with free will; therefore, man takes part in the conflict between good and evil. It is necessary for all men to do what is right to not only enter heaven, but to help good triumph in the world. By a true confession of faith, by every good deed, word and thought, by constantly keeping pure his body and his soul, he impairs the power of Ahriman and strengthens the might of goodness, and establishes a claim of reward upon Ahura Mazda. By a false confession, by every evil deed, word and thought, and defilement, he increases the evil and renders service to Ahriman. Ahura Mazda, symbolized by fire and a winged ring, is expected to return and destroy all wicked people in a flood of molten metal. The end of the world will constitute the destruction of Ahriman and the resurrection of the dead into a creation of paradise on earth. Fire, seen as the ultimate symbol of Ahura Mazda, remains to this day a precious and sacred element representing the continuing presence of Ahura Mazda. Hence, in Zoroastrian shrines, the ritual flame must never be allowed to extinguish: the flame carries such import that the physical structure of the temple centers around maintaining its life. Due to the sacredness of the flame, the fire is dependant upon the priests to remain lit, these priests are required to constantly purify themselves in order not to contaminate it. Required is the use of the padan, a covering for the mouth and nose to prevent the priest's exhaled breath or saliva from making the sacred fire impure. So pure is the flame that in India, even the presence of a non-Zoroastrian in a consecrated place (such as the location of the fire or even the temple itself) is regarded as a contamination. Bibliography HP. 2000 [copyright]. Online. The Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, Third Edition Available: 03 Jan 2001 McGuinness, J Peter. Zoroastrianism. HP. 1999 [Copyright]. Online. Peter J McGuinness. Available: 03 Jan 2000 Religion

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Gatsby - nick carroway essays

Gatsby - nick carroway essays Nick Carraways character is both part of the story and at the same time the medium through which we perceive it. One must assume that because he is an independent character he is not a completely objective source of information. As everything in the novel passes through him there is no other un-biased source of information, so one must interpret his thoughts and opinions carefully. There is also another important factor about Nick Carraways narration that should be considered; he is a fictional character created by Fitzgerald and used by him as a tool for narration so anything that Carraway relates to the reader is simply Fitzgerald communicating to the reader by proxy. There fore he is telling the reader what Fitzgerald wants us to know, so his narration is at least reliable in that sense, although perhaps not always completely clear and objective he is nevertheless fundamentally reliable. Whether or not Nick Carraway is a likeable character or not is very central to the novel. One must ask whether Fitzgerald wants us to like him or not. This will govern the way that the reader interprets the opinions and descriptions that he relates to us. Crucially, the judgements that Nick sometimes passes on people will carry much more weight if the reader actually finds Nick an amenable character. Nicks opinions of him self are interesting...he tries to be as impartial as possible...he sees himself as an extremely tolerant person, willing to hear people out....says he does this from the advice of his dad...he likes people to be well behaved....he is perhaps slightly hyporitcal when he says that everything Gatsby represents he regards with unlimited scorn but then goes on to speak of his admiration for the man. Nicks opinions of himself can be very revealing, the first two pages of the novel are very interesting as he reflects upon his own character. His opinions of himself are quite high, he even admits to being so ...

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1.Water should be privatized rather than made a public good. 2.Water Essay

1.Water should be privatized rather than made a public good. 2.Water should be piped out of the Great Lakes to provide to water-restricted states - Essay Example te more social gains such as increased coverage and quality but on the other side, it creates low political benefits such as loss of employments as well as hiked prices (Mandri- Perrott 24). US has enjoyed abundant supply of water for the last half of 20C but considering the rate of poor water management practices as well as the persistent droughts, these privilege will surely last for a short time. As much as future generations will demand more water systems, climate change predicts to decrease the currently available supplies. A Government Accountability survey of the Unites states found out that water managers in 36 states are likely to face water shortages during the first two decades of this century. A sustainable approach to using water resources is the only remedy to ensure regulation of water usage besides ensuring supply of quality water to Americans. The remedy to this critical water situation may just be the privatisation of water sources instead of making it a public good (Mandri-Perrott 24). As much as others may claim that water is a natural resource and should not be economic, they are wrong because the same water faces the forces of economics such as supply and demand. Despite the fact that God gives water freely for all humanity, water has to go through various economic processes such as collection, management, processing, treating as well as packaging of drinking water( Frerot 104). In addition, to supply this water to the Americans, there has to be installation of expensive systems of reservoirs, channels, treatment plants as well as pipes. Those who claim that providing clean water by the government is a responsibility duty fail to understand that the government has to invest a lot (Frerot 104). The government cannot afford the investment needed in ensuring removal of dirty wastewater and human wastes in sanitation systems hence making privatization necessary (Mandri-Perrott 24). Water is a limited natural resource and humankind should