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The Importance Of Communication In Foreign Language Students

When it comes to varied communication among cultures, teaching language can be complex. In many educational programs, culture has been neglected or mistreated when it comes to teaching foreign languages. Culture is often thought as a supplementary topic but attention is needed to bring forward considering that culture is the highlight of communication to foreign language students. Another study has been conducted to analyze English as a second language program in schools. Anne Ma and her colleagues (2014) address several approaches when it comes to teachers preparing and teaching students who are from another country. The main purpose of the study was to enrich the understanding of the English as a second language student and perform a†¦show more content†¦As Ma s research continues, the analysis of the interviews was used to calculate the responses from the participants to their language confidence and attitudes towards immersion on culture. To support the researchers calc ulations, the use of the Strategies Inventory for Learning Culture, developed by Michael Paige, helped organize the categories for learning the culture and the strategies that were used. The Strategies Inventory for Learning Culture consisted of activities which helped to improve English and strategies to help communicate. As a result, the participants response to the interviews calculated high percentages to speaking and listening strategies when it comes to learning English as a second language. The least strategy effective in learning English was writing and translation. The findings also show, when the participant engage in conversations with dominant English language speakers, they tend to develop a broader knowledge of the culture. The listening strategies mentioned helps the participants to comprehend as they become more engaged with the English dialect. Another strategy that has helped the participants to cope with the new language and culture was setting aside their own beliefs and values, as well, changing their mindset and becoming adjusted to the new culture. Another studying on communication was aimed to explore the factors on intercultural differencesShow MoreRelatedMotivation Is Not Always Present For The Classroom At Milby High School1642 Words   |  7 Pagesthe importance of speaking Spanish in the real world. These small but highly motivating things Mrs. Garcia would do, lead most of her students into wanting to be teachers, and it lead me into wanting to motivate others into learning Spanish as a Spanish teacher. Looking back at my own experience with a new foreign language, I want to better understand ways to keep a student motivated and analyze the reasons behind the lack of it. â€Å"Learning a language is no easy task but a foreign language enablesRead MoreThe Importance Of Learning A Second Language955 Words   |  4 Pagescountry has escalated, and the language barriers have become more dominant in the society. The importance of learning a second language has also intensified. An acquired knowledge of a language, other than English, would be able reduce the evident cultural barriers in the country. The fact that St. Louis College of Pharmacy is not offering electives for second language for its seven year program students is unfavorable to the current diverse population. The Pharmacy students should have an opportunityRead MoreDisadvantages Of Japanese English Proficiency823 Words   |  4 Pages1. Introduction It is often said that Japanese English proficiency is not high especially in communication skills such as listening and speaking abilities in comparison with other non-English native countries. The report of EF Education First (a global language training company), EF English Proficiency Index, which was made from the results of nearly 5 million adults test takers from 60 non-English native countries, ranks Japan as 26th out of 60 in average level of English proficiency in 2013(EFRead MoreEffective Instruction For English Learners1414 Words   |  6 Pages(2011) in their article â€Å"Effective Instruction for English Learners† consider the problem of students who are non English speakers and come to live in the USA for several reasons such as immigrants. The U.S government requires every school that has more than 5 percent non-English speakers to provide these with specialized programs. The authors go to explain useful instructions for teaching students English Language. The y also review the most successful models for teaching non native speakers. The authorsRead MoreBilingual Application For Bilingual Applicants953 Words   |  4 PagesThroughout the years, time has showed us that being bilingual has gain importance and is consider to be more of a necessity now. A brain that understands more than one language is more alert than one who knows just one language. Being bilingual has many benefits. A couple advantages of being bilingual would be greater job opportunities, comfortable traveling and higher test scores. Being bilingual opens the gates to better job opportunities. When filling out an application form for a job positionRead MoreMy First Career Aspiration At Age Six Of Being An Avid Traveler966 Words   |  4 Pagesrealistic, goal of working for the foreign office. My specific interest in Japan began through literature. Years ago I read one of my favourite authors, David Mitchell, beautifully describe Japanese culture after being enraptured by the country from his time teaching English there. This led me to explore the works of Haruki Murakami and Yukio Mishima which began my continuing enthusiasm for Japan. During my semester abroad I became good friends with a Japanese student also on exchange and have finallyRead Moreforeign language instruction should beg1476 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Topic: Foreign Language Instruction Should Begin in Kindergarten, Discuss. Submitted to: - Rob Horlin Submitted by: - Ranjit Singh Student ID - 13903 Class- EAP 2A Date -29-08-2014 Foreign language instruction should begin in kindergarten, discuss. Foreign language is a language native to other nation. Learning a foreign language is becoming essential nowadays and it can change the way of life. To communicate and trade with people from different nations there is a greatRead MoreLearning A Foreign Language For Grade School1026 Words   |  5 PagesLearning a Foreign Language in Grade School Have you ever wished you took a foreign language class in school because that one person you like speaks another language? Or going on a vacation in another country and wished you had taken that French class in school so you didn t have to keep your book handy just in case? Students in junior high and high school should be required to learn a foreign language because you learn about different cultures, it opens up a world of job opportunities and helpsRead MoreThe Evolution of Second- and Foreign- Language Teaching1662 Words   |  7 PagesThe Evolution of Second- and Foreign- Language Teaching (The 19th and 20th Century and The New Era of Second Language Teaching) In his treatment of the historical developments in language pedagogy, Stern (1992) isolates three ways in which language pedagogy has aimed to renew and improve itself:1. Innovation through change in teaching methods; 2. Innovation through language-related sciences and research; 3. Technological innovation. During the nineteenth century, the Grammar-TranslationRead MoreRichard Rodriguez s Hunger Of Memory1740 Words   |  7 PagesLanguage is defined as a system for the expression of thoughts and feelings by the use of spoken words ( We hear our first language before we are born. We enter the world with the ability to be comforted by the sounds we came to understand before we came out of our mother’s womb. As we grow, we use our words to express who we are becoming as an individual. We may use the same words as others, but the style of speaking we use is one that we develop over time, and is specific to us

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